How Much Cost to Spent A money In Bali

How Much Cost to Spent A money In Bali

People sometimes asking that how much cost to spent a money in Bali, to spent a money when you get holiday , well guys it’s all depend on you. Bali can be a cheap like what you want but it can be expensive like what you want to.

We have very nice and good video from Divert Living, this video will telling you every detail and price that you might spent while you staying at Bali. They stay in and rent a villa only for $150 USD for a month. Wow that was so cheap.

In this video also describe about how to spent money for a food, You can save a lot of money if you want to eat at traditional food shop that only spend $. 2.00 / person, but if yo want more fancy restaurant it Will cost around $. 6.00 – $.8.00 per portion. It’s all depend on You ones again guys.

Cost Of alcohol in Bali

In Bali if you want to have alcohol the price very expensive because of government tax, but there is drink that always every tourist love it, that is Bintang Beer. You can find this drink in every mini market in Bali. The Price range $2.00 – $3.00. Bintang beer is the most favorite drink for relaxing guys. Every restaurant sell this stuff.

Ok that’s all for today guys. Remember to always explore more deep about Bali if you feel doubt just asking the local people. People in Bali are very nice and friendly.

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Nice place to stay In Bali

For you guys that firts time came to Bali, we will recommend place to stay is at Kuta Bali, there are many cheap hotel and expensive one on this area, the place are beautiful and crowded to. May shop, restaurant and night club in Kuta.

Thanks for reading How Much Cost to Spent A money In Bali , we hope it will used for you when the times you coming to visit Bali. Happy traveling!.


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