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Job Description Detail Sebagai Front Office Supervisor di Hotel Berbintang

Job Description Detail Sebagai Front Office Supervisor di Hotel Berbintang

Yang lagi mencari tentang tugas sebagai FO supervisor bisa melihat ini sebagai pedoman kerja di hotel ya, detail tugas dalam bahasa inggris dimana sebagai hotelier wajib berbahasa dan mengerti dengan bahasa inggris atau anda juga bisa mentranslate nya sendiri lewat google translate nantinya, simak Job Description Detail Sebagai Front Office Supervisor di Hotel Berbintang

Job Description Detail as a Front Office Supervisor

Position : Front Office Supervisor
Level : Supervisor
Department : Front Office
Directed by : Front Office Manager


Manage & Lead the Operational of Front Office Department


To manage, supervise and coordinate the daily operation of the Gust Service Officer and Concierge to ensure all guest receive friendly, courteous and efficient service at check in and check out, are performed in accordance with established standard and procedures at all times to reach optimal guest satisfaction.

Assist Front Office Manager in day by day the operation of the hotel, develop a professional working relationship with colleagues within the Front Office and maintain an effective flow communication with other department.


I. Budgeting & Planning

  1. To provide monthly report include the inventory to maintain the cost and expenses are strictly controlled
  2. Maintain and keep all the FO property from lost or damage
  3. Controlling telephone expense by avoiding using telephone for unrelated purpose to operational.
  4. Keep monitoring of vehicle usage, avoiding unnecessary usage of the vehicle.

II. Operation

  1. Review daily guest arrival preparation, continuously double check the room assignment and communicate to other related department to have better arrangement.
  2. Routinely check billing instructions of guest in the house for accuracy and compliance with hotel’s credit policy.
  3. Monitor operation Guest Service Officer and Concierge to ensure all guest receive professional and pleasant services to reach optimal guest satisfaction.
  4. Maintain a good coordination among the Front office staff to have smooth operation of Front office Department.
  5. Assist the Operation Manager to monitor cost of operational Front Office to anticipate and determine the possibility of loss and waste the budget.
  6. To take the reservation when reservations operation is closed and coordinate to Front Office Manager before confirming the booking.
  7. Handle guest complaint and refer them as necessary, follow up on creative action and if after offering alternatives the problem has not been resolved yet to the guest satisfaction, obtain assistance from Front Office Manager for further follow up.
  8. Continuously monitor, study and evaluate operation, policy and procedures of Guest Service Officer and Concierge and if needed propose necessary improvement to Front Office Manager.
  9. Maintain appropriate standard of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniforms and appearance of Front Office staff.
  10. Fully responsible for all matters that may arise in Front Office Department in the absence of the Front Office Manager.
  11. Develop and maintain close business contact with in-house guest and to provide personalized service whenever possible.
  12. To handle complaints or incidents / accidents happen in the Hotel.
  13. Inspects frequently for cleanliness and orderliness, the front office area, lobby and occasionally, FIT and VIP room prior to arrival.
  14. Utilizes Front Office log book in keeping staff and management informed as any unusual occurrences or problems that need to be handled.
  15. Front Office Supervisor will be in-charge to supervise the night duty and cover all problems arise.
  16. To authorize all Front Office Cashier Summary and morning report
  17. Perform other duties related or unrelated to Front Office Department as assigned by Front Office Manager or Hotel Management.

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III. Human Resources & Administration

  1. Assist the Front Office Manager in setting the Front Office training tools such as job description, policy and procedure, training plans as a guideline for the Front Office staff.
  2. Conduct the orientation and training for new employee to ensure the personnel are advised of and trained in all changes in Polices and Procedures.
  3. To familiar with emergency case like fire alarm, power failure and safety matters and coordinate with respective Departments and contacts.
  4. Front Office Supervisor in personnel related matters such as appraising and counseling.
  5. To ensure all Front Office staff completely understand and adhere to Hotel’s Employee rules and regulation
  6. Maintain all administration and supporting documents of Front Office are well filed and traceable upon audit requirement.
  7. To prepare the monthly report of Front Office Department and submitted to Front Office Manager.

IV. Communications

  1. Maintain the professional communication with all departments to ensure daily operational are reach the guest satisfaction.
  2. To coordinate with Manager on Duty and Security Supervisor in handling any lost in guest room or accident occurred in Hotel.
  3. To conduct briefing or meeting among the Front Office Staff.
  4. Maintain closely contact with in-house guest, travel agent or other corporate company.

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Demikian ulasan mengenai Job Description Detail Sebagai Front Office Supervisor di Hotel Berbintang, semoga bermanfaat selalu dan terimakasih.


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