STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) Handling Guest Complaint – Front Office Departement

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) Handling Guest Complaint – Front Office Departement

Dalam hotel diperlukan SOP ( Standard Operational Procedure) dalam menyelesaikan masalah dan melaksanakan tugas berikut adalah contoh STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE (SOP) Handling Guest Complaint – Front Office Departement dalam bahasa inggris yang bisa dipakai pedoman dalam bekerja di dalam sebuah hotel

Position : Guests Service Officer
Prepared by : Front Office Manager
Department : Front Office
Approved by : Resort Manager

TASK : Handling Guest Complaint

Purpose : Front office management and staff should keep the following resolution guidelines in mind when handling guest complaints.

When expressing a complaint, the guest may be quite angry. Front office staff members should not make promises that exceed their authority. If a problem cannot be solved, front office staff should admit this to the guest early on.

Honesty is the best policy when dealing with guest complaints. Front office staff should be advised that some guests complain as part of their nature. The staff should develop an approach for dealing with such guests


  1. Listen with concern and empathy.
  2. Isolate the guest if possible, so other guest won’t overhear.
  3. Stay calm, don’t argue with the guest.
  4. Show personal interest to the guest’s problem, try to use guest name frequently.
  5. Fully attention to the guest problem. Concentrate on the problem, not on placing blame. Do not insult the guest.
  6. Take notes. Write the details of guest complaint. Guest tends to slow when they see the front desk staff trying to write down the issue.
  7. Tell the guest what we best we can do. Offer option. Don’t promise impossible thing, and don’t exceed your authority.
  8. Contact other department concern depend on the problem to get the solution.
  9. Contact your superior if the problem is out of your authority.
  10. Set an approximate time for completion of corrective actions. Be specific, but do not underestimate the length of time it will take to resolve the problem.
  11. Monitor the progress of the corrective action.
  12. Follow up. Even if the complaint was resolved by someone else, contact the guest to ensure that the problem was resolved satisfactory.
  13. Record all the guest complaint details, solution and result on the Log Book. Have the chronology if necessary.

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